Sunday, February 19, 2012

GiGi Honee Wax Warmer: How to wax your legs

Hey ladies and guys! So this first blog post is going to be on the GiGi Honee Wax warmer. Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and darker and I was TIRED of shaving my legs and underarms every other day. Not saying that I was growing hair woolly mammoth style but it's a pain to shave! So I read many reviews and saw plently of videos on this and decided it was time.

So here it is! The GiGi Wax Warmer. I purchased this at Sally's Beauty Supply and you can also buy it on their online store . If you sign up for their Beauty Club Card you get a discount on every item you purchase. This was $37, I paid $33 :)  .

It came with a warmer collar to prevent any wax from falling onto the side of the machine or anything you have around it. 

The warmer has 3 heat settings LOW MED OR HIGH which is great because you do NOT want the wax to be too hot ! 

It also came with a cover to put on top of the warmer once your wax has been completely melted. It looks nice and def prevents that wax from anything getting into it (dust).

Ok so let's get started! The wax warmer did not come with any wax so I bought the GiGi Honee Wax for Coarse hair ($11.99 w beauty card $14 w/out) . An all purpose Honee wax will work fine too. 

You will also need Muslin Wax strips. These strips are made out of material and grips the wax and hair a whole lot better than other waxing papers. These are highly recommended. They had a sale where if you purchase a wax, you get the 100 count srips ($11.99) for free woop woop :).

You will also need to buy large applicator sticks. You can find these anywhere like drugstores, CVS, home depot, ect. I bought a whole bunch for $.15.

For all the cry babies including myself, I bought the GiGi after wax cooling gel. THIS WAS A LIFE SAVER haha! It cools down the skin after you wax and reduces redness :) ($6.50).
Ok people, now to start waxing those hairy legs! I turned the warmer on to H (high) placed the wax sleeve around the wax container and placed it in the warmer and let it sat for 25min. This is a little time consuming so if this is your first time  I would recommend waxing early in the morning if your going to have a busy day.
Ok so to prep those legs just wash with soap or a scrub to remove any lotions while this wax is warming up. Now for a hairy leg! My biggest mistake was waxing with short hair on the. You need a little more than what you see here so its a lot less painful. I HATE hair, anywhere! I just couldn't wait -.- ouch!!! 

Le Wax is ready once it's a runny consistency. 

Pick up a large wax stick pick up a thin layer of wax and blow on it for a few seconds to cool it down then apply the wax in the direction of how the hair grows. Apply  a muslin strip on top of the wax and brush down. The anticipation and anxiety I had from expecting a lot of pain was hilarious ahhh! 

1, 2, 3 AHHHHHHH! annnnnd rip. hahaha ! YES there was pain at first but not to the point where your going to cry and punch someone....well maybe haha. It ripped hair from the ROOT. Once this happens hair folicles need to repair it's self and take a lot longer to grow back. That's why waxing is the new way for me. I do not have to shave for 3 WEEKS!! The more you wax too the less the hair grows back over time. 

CANT forget that cooling gel. I needed that ASAP :) worked amazinglyyyyy.

Now for the final result. Woooo smooth waxed legs, success! So for all you shavers out there, try it! :)  


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Le Beginning

Hey! So I finally decided to make this blog so I can talk about the goodies in life! I will be doing reviews and how to's about certain products I've been using such as makeup, eyelashes , hair care products, colored contacts, skin care products and more. I love cooking so I'm sure I'll have videos on how to prepare stuff for those who missed out on learning how to lol! I'll also be posting stuff about everyday things too (the beach, outfits, resturants, outings). I'm new to this blog thingy so bare with me, just want to help you guys out! :)