Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Red Cherry Eyelashes

Hello lOves. So I finally have time to update my blog♥ Lashes Lashes Lashes~!
I get quite a bit of compliments on my false lashes and I want to share w you guys on which ones I wear! I started wearing false lashes about a year ago and im HOOKED! I cant leave the 
house w.o them :) !

The brand I use are Red Cherry lashes. They are very affordable and come in soooo many styles. I'm going to show you my favorite ones I always use :)
This is the red Cherry lash #523
These are very natural and for everyday use! I am wearing these in this pic :)
These are the #117's These are my FAVORITE ones! Always the ones I go fOr.

These are the #79's. These are super dramatic! Perfect for going out at night :)

These are the #203's. Another long and natural looking lash that adds length and volume

These are the #43's. I have used these on many people before and they LOVE EM!
The pic below shows the difference of one eye with the #43 and the other without.
Kim Kardashian wears Red Cherry lashes and they look amazing :)

This chart shows some of the red cherry eyelashes they offer ! They are 100% sterilized human hair. These are my favorite and affordable brand of lash and will always purchase them!

If you'd like to purchase some from me please send me a message on facebook!